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Other Programs and Planning Services

Our Associates can design and establish tax-qualified retirement programs such as Pension, Profit-Sharing, 401(k), and SIMPLE-IRA plans to help provide financial confidence for employees during retirement. We also work with companies to establish “Non-Qualified” benefit plans for key employees. These innovative and creative programs such as Deferred Compensation, Salary Continuation Plans, Split Dollar, Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP), and Bonus Arrangements, are designed to help an employer motivate, retain and reward the employees who are important to their success.

To help both the business owner and employees coordinate their benefit plans with other personal assets and their estate plan, we offer comprehensive financial planning services through our affiliated investment advisory firm. These planning services are offered on a fee-basis. As an employer, you can offer financial planning assistance as part of your benefit package for selected employees. Fees paid are tax-deductible and not included in the employee’s taxable income.