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We pride ourselves in keeping current with the latest technologies available to help clients ease the burden of benefits administration. We consult with clients to identify solutions that will improve their business processes and provide employees with better access to benefits and HR related information. Depending upon a company’s needs, our solutions may include:

  • Benefits Enrollment via the Web – Employees can view their benefits information and make elections online. Data can be transmitted to carriers electronically or be placed on the carrier’s enrollment forms.
  • Benefit Websites/Employee Portals – By utilizing the internet to post benefit plan information, forms, contact information, links to insurance company websites, employee handbooks, and more, you can reduce the time spent looking for such information and reduce the number of calls to HR while giving employees 24/7 access to information.
  • Web-Based Surveys – We can build a survey on any topic and send a link for employees to participate. This can provide a company with valuable feedback on HR and benefit related trends and your employees can feel like they are contributing to the decision-making process.
  • Total Compensation Statements – Many employees don’t understand or appreciate the value on their non-payroll expenses. A Total Compensation Statement can provide each employee with a true picture of their entire compensation package in a single, easy to understand format.